History tells us about the genesis of the world that we live in and the journey that brought us where we are today. It reflects on the differences that exist in the world and helps us reason with these differences. Today, history is important not only to learn more about our identity and past but to ensure that our past fallacies are not repeated in the future. It is a lesson for the world to learn and grow from. 

At Redwood, we design tours that cover the cultural, artistic and factual aspects of the history of a place. A place devoid of history does not exist and that is the beauty of the world we live in. We take this as an opportunity to make students aware of the diversities that exist around them and help them build a sense of fraternity with the rest of the world. Our History, Art and Cultural programs aim at bringing the world closer to students so they can shape a better tomorrow.

At Sikkim, I loved getting to know the Lepcha community that is so different from my own!

Kavya R, American International School Chennai
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