Earth is believed to be the only planet with life on it. This life exists leagues under the sea upto miles up in the sky. As human mobility has increased we have become aware of the diversity that exists in this world. However, there are several species that have already gone extinct or are at the verge of extinction. Now is the time, we believe, that educating students about wildlife, ecology and conservation is paramount. This requires them to empathize with the environment they live in.

At Redwood, we make this connection between an individual and their environment possible. Our Edutours build understanding about the natural world that they live in and they get an opportunity to interact with nature on an individual level. This enables them to understand the symbiosis that exists between humans and nature, thus, encouraging them to act towards conservation and protection.

At Pench, I learnt a lot about nature and conservation, to not waste and be more responsible and independent

Yamini P, JBCN International School Mumbai
Key Takeaways

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